Protect your child with
clinically proven nutrition education

Improve Your Child’s Health with Pure Fun

The world's first learnified game built upon our innovations in learnifcation Nutrition, Metabolic Science and Health Data. Join the revolution AND experience the coolest entertainment App that is scientifically proven to improve your health with pure fun!

Why Fooya Helps Your Child

Why Fooya Helps Your Child fooya!™ is the pioneering health game that is scientifically proven to improve children's health through revolutionary entertainment, as published at leading medical conferences like Stanford School of Medicine's 2014 MedicineX. As discovered during a clinical study by researchers at the Children's Nutrition Research Center at the renowned Baylor College of Medicine, "After playing fooya!™, children randomized to the HGG condition (group that played the game) made significantly more healthy choices of snacks compared to children in the Control Group condition (F=6.0, p=.015)"

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The Science Behind Fooya

Story of Fooya

Welcome to the World's Epic Food Fight Game!

The peace of planet Nutrino is at stake! The evil scientist Dr. Shtoo invaded Nutrino with the fatty, salty, and sugary processed foods to destroy the peace and health of the Nutreans. You MUST fight for the Nutreans!

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    Run around the map and Pick up variety of foods
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    Tap your way to vitory!
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    Perform exercises to train your character


After playing the game for a few days I can see my son talking about the calories in the food we eat.

- Anvin12

This game is super fun! It's refreshing to see a game that puts out a positive message, and from which kids and young adults can gain helpful and positive habits concerning health and nutrition!!

- Epodzilla

AThis is a truly a phenomenal innovation and solution to helping teaching kids to lead healthier lives!!! Awesome game!

- Andy12587

The Team


Bhargav Sri Prakash

Chief Geek


Dr. Bernard A. Harris

Executive director and Chief Medical Officer


Lenny Mendonca

Board Advisor


Nandkishore Doreswamy

Board Advisor


Sheila Sri Prakash

Board Advisor