About Friendslearn

FriendsLearn is a gaming company with a pipeline of a new genre of fun, compelling, and ?learnified? 3D social games. We combine social games with 3D real time play and a learning platform. We have proven experience, unique technology and patented tools. FriendsLearn is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is concocted by artistic magicians, technology wizards and a bean counter! Our team comes from a ?surreal? range of backgrounds ? Computer Science, Mathematics, Game design, Business, Animation, Digital Art, Music and Film Production.

Founder & Chief Geek

Bhargav Sri Prakash brought together a core group that had a vision to change the way knowledge is imparted and measured, around the world. He is a car-maniac and started his first company when he was attending the graduate program in Automotive Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Besides cars, he has crashed-burned-built-sold companies, holds 3 patents and created FriendsLearn when he was a Fellow of the Kauffman Foundation in 2011. Earlier, he founded and sold Vmerse, known for it?s patented game-based framework for recruitment of college applicants. Back in the day, he played professional tennis, was nationally ranked in the top 3 in India and competed on the ITF/ATP tour ? which makes it so much more gratifying to beat him at Wii Tennis!

About Fooya

Fooya is the pioneering health game that is scientifically proven to improve children's health through revolutionary entertainment, as published at leading medical conferences like Stanford School of Medicine's 2014 MedicineX. As discovered during a clinical study by researchers at the Children's Nutrition Research Center at the renowned Baylor College of Medicine, "After playing fooya!™, children randomized to the HGG condition (group that played the game) made significantly more healthy choices of snacks compared to children in the Control Group condition (F=6.0, p=.015)"

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