We are thrilled to tell all of you who have supported us along this incredible journey that WE made it….with less than 2 hours to go and and with the support of 117 backers from around the world!! First of all, we would like to thank our earliest backers who gave us our first momentum on DAY ONE and breathed life in to this campaign, by being our foundation! Second, it was the critical support of many of you, in week 2 and week 3 that kept us alive and we want to thank you for being the backbone of our campaign! And finally, this week and particularly today, has been filed with tremendous adrenaline, great emotion, relief and a reason for celebration — although the Fooya team is probably ready to celebrate with our first full night of sleep in a month!! :) Many of you increased your pledges today, to help us reach our goal, and we are really touched and thankful for your support and belief in what we do! We hereby confess that all day today, as we faced a steady countdown on a relentless digital clock, we kept refreshing our browser almost once a second (!!!) to see if we gained a new backer! We were working the phones, facebook and twitter streams to drive traffic, when backer #117 did the honor of tipping us over the finish line with a significant 4 figure contribution and for that, we are particularly thankful! A sincere thanks from our team, to ALL of you for being a part of this adventure!! Now it is time to get back to coding and developing Fooya with Friends, so we can make our promises come true. Cheers to all of you and to the future that you have enabled!!