With Over Thirty Percent of the World?s Population Overweight or Obese, Game Entrepreneurs Bring Burgers, Fries and Subtle Learning to Fuel the Fight Against Humanity’s Global Health Crisis Fooya in action! Can crowd-funding help fight the global obesity epidemic? FriendsLearn, a startup company of 13 incredibly talented students, engineers and game developers, led by a successful serial entrepreneur, certainly thinks so! Click: Fooya with Friends Kickstarter Page FriendsLearn will look to its fans, supporters, social entrepreneurs and the Kickstarter community to help fund the next version of their game, “Fooya?, a fun and engaging 3D online food fight game (third-person shooter style) with a serious mission to educate people throughout the world about the relationship between food, health and wellness. FriendsLearn has already developed a single-player version of the game on Facebook and is seeking support on Kickstarter to create Fooya with Friends, the multiplayer expansion of the existing single player game. The Kickstarter campaign intends to raise $50,000 to fund this next version of the game, expected in Fall 2013. Today, set in a 3D Carnival environment, Fooya offers players food-derived weapons and various scenarios to combat evil forces driving obesity. Players win by dodging unhealthy food thrown at them by their enemies, while they run around to burn calories to improve their health and burst their enemies with the most greasy, sugary, salty foods they can find! The problem: According to a 2012 report by the World Health Organization, obese individuals are more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. To put this into perspective, the WHO reported nearly 1.4 billion adults globally were overweight in 2008 and international obesity has doubled since 1980. Check out our single player alpha version of Fooya. “Like” us on Facebook ?By creating Fooya with Friends, we intend to start a global food fight to combat humanity’s health crisis caused by greedy junk food profiteers,? said Bhargav Sri Prakash, Founder of FriendsLearn. ?While this new level of engagement promises to deliver a hugely exciting experience for gamers, Fooya with Friends will continue to fight against the global health epidemic of obesity by producing a fast-paced environment that not only entertains but also subconsciously educates about the dangers of a bad diet.? ?Creating a high performance real-time multi-player backend to support that scale takes a lot of time, skill and resources to produce. By meeting our goal, we are planning to provide an epic, food fight experience at the intersection of gaming and education that aims to help this incredible social problem one person ? and soon many gamers ? at a time. But we need the community?s help to make Fooya with Friends a reality!? Through the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, the public can “back” the project for as little as $10 ? or as much as they like ? to download the game and receive exclusive rewards including Fooya shirts, original art, in-game currency, Fooya ringtone, special Facebook mention, and a chance to meet the FriendsLearn team. Fooya with Friends is brought to you by FriendsLearn?s 13-person team of passionate visionaries, who have proven expertise in executing innovative and successful games. Fooya with Friends draws from our deep experience, to deliver our most fun, impactful and far-reaching game. About FriendsLearn Based in Silicon Valley, California, FriendsLearn (https://www.friendslearn.com) delivers gamified learning experiences through wickedly educational games. The first game was launched in collaboration with the US Department of State’s EducationUSA, to create a pioneering approach to advise, inform and compel international students to the United States, through a virtually immersive experience. “Your Five Steps to U.S Study” (the official gamified Facebook app from the U.S Department of State that is used to attract international students across the world to the United States. FriendsLearn also holds U.S Patents (U.S Patent Number 7,770,114) for innovations with “Vmerse” (a 3D multiplayer virtual campus exploration platform). The next game to be launched, Fooya with Friends builds perfectly on our deep game experience and previous success, and is designed to teach us how to make better choices about the foods we eat.